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Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie (Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology) is a Dutch journal that has been publishing current Mediterranean archaeological research since 1988. Issues appear twice a year, one of which is dedicated to a theme such as landscape archaeology, zooarchaeology, architecture, gender or religion. The journal aims to publish a variety of articles written by established academics as well as junior researchers. Next to full-length articles, TMA offers reviews of recently published books and keeps the reader up-to-date on new or on-going research through short research introductions.

If you wish to publish your research, write a book review or a research introduction/update, you can contact us. We do accept articles in English under the conditions that you are affiliated to a Dutch or Flemish institution or otherwise based in the Netherlands or Belgium and that your research is in the field of Mediterranean archaeology.

In the menu on the left, click on ‘colofon’ for contact information or ‘voor auteurs’ to find our guidelines for writing articles.

All reviews, research introductions and articles older than a year will now also appear online, through our website and Academia page!


Call for Papers

Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie 66 – Production and distribution

Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie (TMA) invites beginning and senior scholars to submit abstracts for an article in its 66th issue on ‘Production and distribution’.

Production and distribution form the foundation of any economy, both today and in antiquity. Both required involvement of a large part of the population – from slaves to free men and women. Crops were grown (wheat), raw materials were mined (stone, metals), collected (wool), or otherwise obtained (salt, purple dye murices). The raw materials were processed into food (bread, wine, olive oil), semifinished products (brick, linen), household goods (clothing, earthenware) and buildings. From basic necessities to luxury goods: the second issue of our 33rd year of publication is dedicated to the artisans and the workers of the ancient world and to the way in which they produced and distributed goods.

We welcome contributions ranging from case studies to theoretical approaches related to the archaeology of the Mediterranean world in its broadest sense. Research with a historical or epigraphic approach can also be admitted.

Guidelines and timeline
You are asked to send a preliminary title, an abstract of ca 250 words, and a short bio to tijdschrift@mediterrane-archeologie.nl by Wednesday 31 March 2021. Any questions may also be sent to this address. Articles in TMA have to be 1500-3000 words. Our guidelines, both in English and in Dutch, can be found on tijdschrift.mediterrane-archeologie.nl/voor-auteurs/.

Deadline abstracts         31 March 2021
Deadline article             31 July 2021
Publication TMA 66        winter 2021/2022

Further publication options in TMA
Introductions to new research. Scholars who have just started a PhD, postdoc, or other research project related to the Mediterranean world are offered the possibility to publish a short introduction to their research in TMA. If interested, please contact us via tijdschrift@mediterrane-archeologie.nl.
Reviews. Are you interested in reviewing a recent publication for TMA? Requests can be sent to recensies@mediterrane-archeologie.nl.

About TMA
Since its beginnings in 1988, TMA has provided both beginning and established scholars connected to Dutch and Belgian universities the opportunity to publish their research. The journal is published twice a year; the second issue is a themed one. Every volume consists of articles, reviews of specialist literature, and introductions to new research. Contributions are written in Dutch; non-Dutch authors, can submit their contribution in English. TMA is aimed at a readership of archaeologists and the general public with an interest in scholarly archaeology.