TMA supplement 2

In collaboration with the organizing committee of the Scapecon 2020 conference, Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archaeologie will print an additional publication this year, titled:

Breaking Boundaries: connecting the Aegean Bronze Age

The relationship between people, their material culture and environment is utmost dynamic. It is continuously altered, negotiated and manipulated, depending on the context and the motives of the involved parties. This supplement will focus on these interactions and relations within the timeframe of the Aegean Bronze Age. In this volume, various sources will be exploited (e.g. pottery, burials, glyptography and paintings) to investigate how they shaped the connections between people, objects and the landscape in which they dwell.  

The publication will be published next summer in a small print run, completely in colour and in A4-format, as is the standard for TMA. The supplement will consist of ca. 100 pages with English texts. In addition to about ten articles, the volume will contain introductions of researchers in the Netherlands that are dealing with the Aegean Bronze Age.

Send an email to no later than the 31st of May 2021, containing your name, the desired number of copies and the postal address to which they should be delivered. Subscribers of TMA will be charged €10,- per copy, non-subscribers will be charged €15,- per copy.* These prices include shipping.

For more information see: Scapecon2020

* TMA supplements appear irregularly and are not included in the normal subscription of the journal. During the 7th year of TMA, in 1994, the first supplement was issued, also in response to a symposium. This issue was titled Tussen stromingen en stormen.