Call for Papers TMA 72

Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie (TMA) invites beginning and senior scholars to submit abstracts for an article in its 72nd issue on ‘reuse and recycling in archaeology’.

Rapidly growing mass consumption and fast fashion are currently emphasizing the importance of reuse and recycling. Archaeology, however, shows that sustainable treatment of materials is timeless. Evidence for repairing and recycling can be found in almost every period and region. In prehistoric periods, for instance, parts of broken tools were often turned into smaller tools, especially when good quality source material was scarce. Another example is the appearance of older, worn, and repaired objects in a newer context, which attests to the prolonged use of objects of special value. Although the motives for reuse in archaeological contexts may vary and not necessarily relate to conscious sustainability, such examples can serve as an inspiration for the present.

How did people in the past deal with their resources, possessions and (funerary)architecture? And what lessons can we draw from archaeology when it comes to sustainable living? For this theme issue, we are looking for contributions focusing on reuse and recycling in the archaeology of the Mediterranean world and its adjacent areas.

Guidelines and timeline for articles

You are asked to send a preliminary title, an abstract of ca 250 words, and a short bio to by Tuesday the 30th of April 2024. Any questions may also be sent to this address. Articles in TMA must be 1500-3000 words. Our guidelines, both in English and in Dutch, can be found here.

Deadline abstracts   30 April 2024
Deadline article         31 July 2024
Publication TMA 72   winter 2024/2025

About TMA

Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie (Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology) is a Dutch journal that has been publishing current Mediterranean archaeological research since 1988. Issues appear twice a year, one of which is dedicated to a theme such as landscape archaeology, zooarchaeology, architecture, gender or religion. The journal aims to publish a variety of articles written by established academics as well as junior researchers. Next to full-length articles, TMA offers reviews of recently published books and keeps the reader up-to-date on new or ongoing research through short research introductions.

If you wish to publish your research, write a book review or a research introduction/update, you can contact us. We do accept articles in English under the conditions that you are affiliated to a Dutch or Flemish institution or otherwise based in the Netherlands or Belgium and that your research is in the field of Mediterranean archaeology.

In the menu on the left, click on ‘colofon’ for contact information or ‘voor auteurs’ to find our guidelines for writing articles.

All reviews, research introductions and articles older than a year will now also appear online, through our website and Academia page!

Open Access

 Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie will soon switch to Diamond Open Access publishing. From then on, our publications will be made available digitally without financial or technical barriers; our paper journal will continue to appear as usual.

This also means that older contributions will become freely accessible. We are opting for digital publication using a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. We will make every attempt to comply with copyright laws and to respect the rights of all authors.  If you have published in TMA in the past and object to digital publication of your contribution or if you would like to publish under a different license, please contact us by emailing